A library satisfaction questionnaire helps in evaluation of the levels of satisfaction of the users of the library. This questionnaire helps the library management in understanding the areas that need improvement in the library and keep the library users satisfied. The library satisfaction questionnaire should focus on the key elements that the library users are concerned in a systematic manner as given in the sample questionnaire below.

Sample Library Satisfaction Questionnaire

Name of the Library Member taking the questionnaire: _______________________

Membership Number:              _______________________

Type of Membership:              ________________________

Contact number:                      ________________________

Email Address:                        ­­­________________________

1)      Please tell us how much you are satisfied with the services offered by our library?

A)Quite Satisfied

b)Somewhat Satisfied

c)Not at all Satisfied

d)Can’t Say

2)      How would you like to rate our library services in your locality?

a) Excellent




3)      Do you agree with the procedure followed by our library with regard to issuance of books and publications?


b)Do not agree

c)Not Sure

d)Can’t Say

4)      Have you been able to find all the categories of books or publications that you were looking for in our library?





5)      Will you continue your membership with our library?



c)May be or May not be

d)Can’t say now

6)      Do you want to give any suggestions for any changes or improvements in our library that will benefit members like you

7)      Will you recommend our library to your friends or relatives? If yes please give their names and contact numbers?