A leadership vision questionnaire is one which is used by organizations or companies to assess the vision of leadership of the various employees or other targeted group of people. A leadership vision questionnaire is basically effective in collecting feedback of people about the kind of vision or objective they have for the future as far as leadership is concerned.

These questionnaires may consist of both closed ended or open ended questions and the results are evaluated to come to a common or general conclusion by leadership vision. Given below is a sample of a leadership vision questionnaire that can be read by any person who is looking for a sample document for help.

Sample Leadership Vision Questionnaire:

Name of respondent:

Age of respondent:

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Official address of respondent:

Kindly answer the following given questions on leadership vision to help us evaluate you and your thinking:

Q1. What is your future goal as far as your career is concerned?


Q2. Do you think you can reach this career goal without being a good leader?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      May be

Q3. How important do you think is leadership as far as shaping your future is concerned?

a)      Very important

b)      Important

c)      Not very important

d)     Not at all important

Q4. What kind of leadership plans do you have as far as your future is concerned?

a)      I wish to become a good leader

b)      I wish to develop my leadership skills

c)      I am a good leader and I would like to continue this way

d)     I don’t need leadership skills

e)      Other (please specify)

Q5. What all qualities do you think must be present in a good leader? Select the suitable options.

a)      Managerial skills

b)      Interpersonal skills

c)      Strong personality

d)     Ability to give orders

e)      Superior knowledge