Each leader ideally has a distinct leadership style but this factor is often ignored. Leadership styles are determined by the approach that leaders have towards their role and responsibility. A successful leader can use leadership styles questionnaires to discover more about their ability to influence people with the aim of achieving common objectives.

Sample Leadership Styles Questionnaire

Please respond to the following questionnaire.

You are a leader of a group that has settled in for a meeting. No one is willing to open up and speak. What do you do?

a.      Give people time to speak

b.     Encourage the group members to make suggestions about the meeting

c.      Assign each person a specific task

The discussion that is being held by the group is lively and highly interactive. How do you ensure that this atmosphere is maintained throughout the meeting?

a.      Allow other group members to take on a leadership role during the meeting

b.     Make sure that everyone participates actively

c.      Ensure that you maintain your leadership role throughout

You notice that certain group members are dominating the meeting and other members have hardly spoken. How do you get the quiet group members to participate more?

a.      Silence the domineering group members and turn your attention to the quiet members

b.     Talk about the importance of participating in the meeting actively

c.      Keep quiet and avoid offending anyone

Group members begin to disagree and tempers flare during the meeting. How do you handle the situation?

a.      Allow everyone to raise their concerns without interrupting

b.     Give group members a chance to vote on the contentious issues

c.      End the meeting