Leadership self-evaluation questionnaire is developed in order to provide an insight to one’s leadership style and also to help him identify his potentials, his strengths and opportunities for growth and development. Leadership self-evaluation questionnaire serves as a powerful way to expand one’s leadership capacity and skills.

Leadership self-evaluation questionnaire also helps to make a positive difference that helps one achieve significant result at work. It helps one to know his comfort with leadership skills and characteristics and the level of preference. The questionnaire also serves as a collaborative and reflective process for internal business review.

Leadership Self Evaluation Questionnaire Sample


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Q1. What are the five characteristics of a good leader?


Q2. List any three leadership characteristics that you would like to develop.


Q3. Do you enjoy communicating with your team?


Q4. What are the factors you would consider while making decisions?


Q5. Have you made decisions with inputs from others?


Q6. Do you accept feedbacks from others?


Q7. Are you loyal to your team members and your company?


Q8. How do you handle situations during pressure?


Q9. How often do you encourage and compliment your team mates? Explain any situation when you have developed optimism within any of your team mates.


Q10. What is your idea about self-confidence? Explain any situation when you have proved your confidence.


Q11. How do you minimize conflicts among team members in your team? Have you ever been in such a situation?


Q12. Do you accept your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions? Explain any of your personal experience.


Q13. What are your strengths and what are the best leadership characteristics you possess?


Q14. What are the opportunities for growth that you have discovered in this company? List some of your personal experience in implementing the opportunities for growth that you have discovered and explain how far you have been successful.