The role of leaders can be intimidating at times as they have to possess convincing and calm attitude so that others follow the path laid by them. A leadership research questionnaire contains such inquisition through which the leadership principles of a concern individual could be estimated. Thus, it has to be designed with factors that are required for leadership research purpose.

Sample Leadership Research Questionnaire:

Name of the participant: ____________________________

Gender: Male Female

Age: ________________

1. What according to you is “Leadership”?


2. Are you presently employed in a position where you need to exhibit your leadership quality?

a. Yes, I am working in such a position that seeks leadership competencies.

b. No

3. Have you undertaken any leadership development program in past?

a. Yes, I have participated in number of leadership development program.

b. I am thinking of doing one in order to develop my leadership capability.

c. No I am not interested.

4. Does your leadership quality affect the people associated with you?

a. At times depends on the situation

b. May be I am unaware

c. No I don’t think so

5. Have you participated in this kind of leadership research program earlier? If yes, then does it help you anyway to improve your quality of supremacy?


6. What factors you considered as important for being a strong leader?


7. Being a leader, how you would handle situations where your subordinates would fail to achieve the goals set by you?


8. Are you being recognized ever for your leadership competencies?

a. Yes, my leadership quality is being recognized and rewarded.

b. I am not sure whether my leadership quality is strong enough to get recognized.

c. No not yet.

9. As a leader, how much point you give yourself on a scale of 10?