A leader is one who can make a group of people and manage them effectively in a desirable way. Each individual ideally has his own trenchant style but more often this is the ignored factor. Leadership Questionnaire can be put to use, in knowing the persons who possess the desirable quality according to the requirements.

How to excogitate the Leadership Questionnaire depends exclusively upon whether point of view for the subject is as an individual or for an organization. Everyone doesn’t possess this quality. Thus framing of Leadership Questionnaire is to be done judiciously, not only to analyze the competencies which are needed in the individual for leadership as well as management but also to enhance the qualities further, of those chosen.

Leadership qualities vary in accordance with different organization, team or situations. Leadership Questionnaire will also assess the leadership styles. It will also reveal individual’s strengths and also his weaknesses, providing insight on the areas which require improvement.

The questions articulated must be completely concentrated to the postulations of client. The questions need to be direct, at times dichotomous, multiple choice ones and also open-ended ones. To avoid any confusion due to perception the questions should not be ambiguous.

Keeping in view of the importance of Leadership Questionnaire it is always advisable to have a sample test before finalization of the questionnaire is done.