Leadership Performance Questionnaire focuses on collecting specific competencies that can serve as a valuable asset to an organization’s growth or transformation. Leadership Performance Questionnaire helps the employees to provide a feedback of their observable traits to the management of an organization.

Leadership Performance Questionnaire helps employees in analyzing their performance in specific areas of leadership. The questionnaire is an evidence based method and analytic method of enquiry that can test, reveal and clarify the overall performance of the employee as a leader.

Leadership Performance Questionnaire Sample

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  • Do you consider people’s skills and interests while assigning tasks?

a)      Not at all               b) Sometimes              c)Always


  • Do you have a firm understanding of the standards expected of your work?

a)      Agree                    b)Neutral                     c)Disagree


  • Do you lead people by example?

a)      Never                    b)Sometimes               c)Always


  • What do you do when someone in your team is upset?


  • How do you feel and what do you do when someone criticizes you?


  • How do you think the teams perform best?

a)      When your team mates continue to do the same tasks that they are good at.

b)      When they learn new skills and take up challenges.


  • Can you depend on your team members to do their part perfectly and do you think they contribute sufficiently to their assignments?


  • Do you recognize and motivate your team members for their individual contributions?


  • What do you think about the time that you spend thinking about the morale of the team?

a)      Time Wasted         b)Time worth spending   c)Neutral


  • Can personal feelings be allowed to affect performance and productivity?

a)      Yes                        b) Sometimes              c)Not at all


  • Is it right on your part to expect higher quality work from your team members than you deliver?

a)      Yes                        b) No                           c)Neutral


  • Do you think meeting timelines is critical?

a) Yes                          b) Sometimes              c) No