Leadership orientation questionnaire is an instrument through which effectiveness of a leadership orientation session or program is measured. Thus, such a document has to be drafted by incorporating all the important factors in order to determine whether the aim of the leadership orientation is rightly achieved or not.

Sample Leadership Orientation Questionnaire:

Participant’s Name: ____________________________________________

Gender: ____________________________

Profession: __________________________

This questionnaire would ask you to describe yourself as a leader. Please give 1-4 to the phrases that suits you most.

                                                                  1:  Strong

                                                                  2: Average

                                                                  3: Not too sure

                                                                  4: Weak

Q1. The most important leadership traits in you are as follows:

  1. Clear, logical and focused thinking. __________
  2. Support and care others in the team. _________
  3. Aggressiveness and toughness. ___________
  4. Creativity, innovativeness and imagination. _________

Q2. The leadership orientation helps in developing your competency.

  1. Strongly agree
  2. Agree
  3. May be don’t know
  4. Disagree
  5. Strongly disagree

Q3. Being a leader, I am treated as follows by my subordinates.

  1. A politician.__________
  2. A visionary.___________
  3. A strong analyst. ___________
  4. A humanist. ______________

Q4. What has helped me most, to acquire the position as a leader?

  1. Always making good decisions. ________________
  2. Taking initiative in guiding and coaching people. _______________
  3. Remain successful in building a strong power base and strong alliances.______________
  4. Always motivated and excited others._____________
  5. Successful in achieving targeted goals and driving the team in proper direction.________

Q5. As a leader, in tough situation I am capable in:

  1. Crisis management. _______________
  2. Handling resources and directing them in proper way. ____________
  3. Decision making to overcome the circumstances. _________________
  4. Taking care of my team’s interest. ___________

Q6. I would be best called as a/an

  1. Organizational leader. _____________
  2. Inspirational Leader. ______________
  3. Good negotiator. ________________