A leadership inventory questionnaire is a document which contains questions to unearth a candidate’s leadership qualities or to judge whether the individual can at all be selected as a leader in the making. The questions asked should be pertaining to the topic in question and astute enough to judge an individual by the answers he or she provides.

A leadership inventory questionnaire must be objective, unbiased and professional for it to have any value. It should be simple and the questions should not sound forced. These documents are often used in offices, companies, events to mark out potential leaders.

Sample Leadership Inventory Questionnaire:

  • Do you believe that an individual who stands up against injustice can make a difference?


  • What according to you is the most important quality that a leader should possess?

a)      Ability to work in a team while leading it

b)      Courage to stand up for what is right

c)      Ability to handle people and get the best out of them

d)     The ability to take quick decisions and to stand by them

e)      Sincerity, patience and dedication.

f)       The ability of take a secondary role when needed

  • Do you think that leaders are born or can they be made?


  • What, according to you, should a leader do if he finds his compatriots or helpers disagreeing with him on crucial decisions?


  • Do you think that a leader ought to use his power and potential when needed? Or should be subsume individual thoughts and decisions to the collective will?

a)      A leader should always stand by what he believes is right.

b)      A leader must take into account other opinions otherwise he will run the risk of being authoritarian.

c)      A leader should accommodate opinions but not if it runs counter to what is his desire.