Leadership Interview Questionnaire is designed to evaluate and explore leadership competencies. Leadership Interview Questionnaire focuses on the leadership skills and leadership potential of the candidate. The questionnaire is used to assess the candidate and to find out if he possesses the ability to inspire followers, to innovate and drive an organization and its people and to listen to and follow a vision.

The questionnaire also seeks to find out the candidate’s ability to innovate people towards new directions and ideas. Leadership Interview Questionnaire has a series of questions that can help evaluate the candidate’s ability to influence and demonstrate integrity, to communicate, motivate and implement strategic vision.

Leadership Interview Questionnaire Samples


Q1. List the most important values that you demonstrate as a leader.


Q2. How would your colleagues describe your leadership style? Give us an example.


Q3. Has there been any situation when you failed as a leader? How did you handle the situation? Can you explain with an example?


Q4. What are the steps you took in order to gain commitment from your team?


Q5. How would you appreciate and motivate your team members?


Q6. Tell us any situation when you took the position of a leader before you were given a title of a leader.


Q7.What do you think is the most difficult part of being a leader?


Q8. Do you delegate responsibilities to the members of your team?


Q9. Has there been any time that you were not able to meet a deadline? What was the reason and how did you handle the situation?


Q10. Give us an example of the most significant change that you brought about or an innovative solution that you developed for the organization.


Q11. Was there any disagreement or conflict that you had to handle? How did you handle the situation?


Q12. How did you influence your team members to follow your strategic vision for the organization? Give us an example.


Q13. What do you think is the most important to the success of a company?

a)      good product

b) friendly and fast service