The leadership effectiveness questionnaire is created with the sole purpose of helping an operating team leader realize how his or her leadership is perceived by his subordinates and all those who are of importance in the context. The questions ask the individual filling the questionnaire to mention his/ her judgment or opinion of the leader who is being referred to in the questions. The answers to the questions provide the leader with an insight into how the actions and decisions he/ she make as a leader are perceived by gathering the opinions of multiple raters like superiors, peers, subordinates etc.

Sample Leadership Effectiveness Questionnaire





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Kindly fill the following blanks with utmost sincerity:

1. Mention your relationship status with the respective leader or individual:

a. Boss

b. Other superior ________

c. Subordinate

d. Client

e. Other specify _________

2. How would you rate the individual on a scale of one to ten on the factor of spontaneous decision making whenever needed?

3. Would you say that the leader takes into account all the relevant factors and makes proper observations before making any judgments/ decisions?

a. Yes

b. No.

c. At times but not always

4. Does the individual allows all his team members or members involved to freely innovate and give ideas, while also considering all when making decisions?

a. Yes

b. No.

5. Would you say that the individual is arrogant towards other and is dominating?

a. Never

b. Yes.

6. Does the individual follow all the rules and regulations and then expects other to follow the lead?

a. Yes

b. No.