The leadership competencies questionnaire is a document which consists of questions that are framed so as to help an individual assess whether he or she is competent enough as a leader. It also helps to know that whether the individual is performing the leadership task efficiently. The questionnaire can be filled in by the individual himself/ herself or by a subordinate/ acquaints etc. Once the questions are answered the analysis will reveal the potential and current capabilities of the individual. The questions are well framed and easy to answer.

Sample Leadership Competencies Questionnaire





Contact details:

Please mention your relationship with the person (leader) whose competencies are being analyzed by way of the questionnaire

a. Self

b. Team member

c. Junior

d. Intern

e. Boss

f. Other please specify ______________

Kindly answer the following questions:

1. How well would you say the individual handles the whole team:

a. Well

b. Not well enough

c. Poorly

d. Other specify______

2. Would you say that the individual is open to all the ideas and suggestions given by the team mates and pays equal attention to all:

a. Yes,

b. No.

3. Do you believe the leader has great influence on his/ her team members and others:

a. Yes,

b. No.

4. Does the individual gets the tasks assigned completed in time:

a. Yes, always.

b. Most of the times

c. Sometimes

d. Never

5. Does he/ she help bring about some quality to the work that is being done:

a. Yes

b. No

6. Do he/ she give inputs to the work or is it the rest of team that makes efforts?