Leadership Communication Questionnaire is designed to improve the relationship between the leaders and his team members. There are a lot of analyses that are performed that resulted in various findings based on the communication styles of the leaders. Leadership Communication Questionnaire evaluates the leadership styles based on how the leaders communicate to his employees or team-mates.

Leadership Communication Questionnaire would serve as a valuable input for leadership training programs that can portray the importance of a leader’s preciseness and supportiveness while communicating with his members of the team. Thus the Leadership Communication Questionnaire is a reliable and valid method to measure the leadership communication from the leader’s and the follower’s perspective.

Leadership Communication Questionnaire Sample





  • Do you show genuine interest and concern when the other person speaks? How do you respond to the person?


  • Choose from the following, the ways you respond when a person from your team talks:

a)      Facial expressions

b)      Head nods

c)      Reply back with answers for his questions

d)     Ignore the conversation


  • How do you go about answering the questions or while talking to any of your team mates?

a)      Be friendly and relaxed

b)      Show dominance

c)      Show disinterest


  • Do you consider and respect the other person’s point of view?

a)      Yes and always     b)No and stick to your perception      c) Sometimes


  • When the other person speaks, you

a)      listen attentively    b) plan what you have to say  c)ignore the conversation


  • Do you clarify your doubts about what the other means while trying to express his views?

a)      Yes                        b)Feel that it is not required    c) Try to assume things


  • Do you provide and accept feedbacks about your communication with your team members?

a)      Yes                        b)No                                        c) Sometimes


  • How much importance do you give to good communication for a good relationship in an organization?

a)      Very important      b)Not too important                c)Neutral