Leadership Appraisal Questionnaire is designed and developed in order to help one find out the areas of leadership that one is very strong at and also to develop those strengths further. By identifying and developing the strengths of leaders, the organization can achieve increased productivity, improved team cohesion and higher team satisfaction. The questionnaire assesses the individuals based on the primary factors of leadership like the abilities to solve problems, inspire others and goal setting. Leadership Appraisal Questionnaire can serve as a motivator for change and also as a significant guide for improvement.

Leadership Appraisal Questionnaire Samples

Name   :

Age     :



  • Do you engage all your team members in defining and articulating a shared vision of the organization?

a)      Always      b) Sometimes  c) Only few of them   d) Never


  • Nothing is more important to me other than accomplishing a goal or a task.

a)      Agree        b)Disagree       c)Neutral


  • It is important that I encourage my team members to take part when it comes to decision making times.

a)      Always      b)Sometimes   c)Never


  • Do you think it is important to meet deadlines?

a)      Always      b)May be         c)Not necessarily


  • I like training people on new processes and tasks.

a)      Definitely yes        b)Sometimes   c)Definitely No


  • How do you react when challenging and complicated tasks are assigned to you?

a)      Accept it               b) Say no to it             c) Ignore it


  • How good are you at time-management?

a)      Very good             b) Average                  c)Very poor


  • I make sure that my project is completed on time.

a)      Always                  b)Sometimes               c)Never


  • I consider relationships while correcting the mistakes of my team members

a)      Yes                        b)No                            c)Neutral


  • I read articles and journals about leadership and implement the procedures that I have learnt.

a)      Yes                        b)Not at all                  c)Sometimes


  • I consider every opportunity to foster a vision for where I am trying to head.

a) Yes                          b) No                           c) Sometimes