A law firm strategic planning questionnaire is a type of questionnaire that is designed by a law firm for its strategic planning. For a law firm, it is important to have a good strategic plan as it helps the firm to know its objectives as well as its goals so that resources can be allocated in a proper manner to achieve the set goals. Various internal and external factors are studied under this strategic planning questionnaire so that a law firm has a clear vision with respect to its future. A sample of the questionnaire is given below for reference.

Sample Law Firm Strategic Planning Questionnaire

Name of the law firm for which strategic planning questionnaire is drafted: ___________

Name of the person taking the questionnaire: __________________________

Designation of the person taking the questionnaire: _____________________________

Q1. What is the present mission of your law firm?


Q2. What are the mission and vision statement of your law firm for the coming 2 years?


Q3. What are the mission and vision statement of your law firm for the coming 5 years?


Q4. What steps are you taking to achieve your present mission and to move forward towards your future vision?


Q5. What according to you will be the major issues that your law firm will be facing in the coming 5 years?


Q6. What according to you are the major factors which causes hindrance to move towards your mission and vision statement?

a) Limited funds

b) Limited staff

c) Lack of management

d) Improper time management

e) If others, please specify?

Q7. Does your law firm have participation from all its employees and staff members in its strategic planning process?

a) Yes

b) No

c) To some extent

Q8. Does your law firm regularly checks its performance with its set goals and targets?

a) Yes, always

b) Yes, at times

c) No