A landscape design planning questionnaire contains various questions related to the planning of a particular landscape. This questionnaire is essential as it helps the landscape design planner understand your exact requirement as well as the money you are ready to shell out for the project.

Before the landscape design planner actually meets you in person to discuss about whatever all you have in mind for the landscape you are planning to design he studies the answers given by you for various questions asked in the landscape design planning questionnaire. This gives him an idea about what you are actually looking forward to and thus saves a lot of time which may be lost in discussing about unnecessary/ irrelevant things.

Sample Landscape Design Planning Questionnaire


Residential Address:

Project Site Address:

Contact Number:

Email id:

  • Please specify your family size. Mention the details about the number of children, pets and other family members.


  • What are your desired views from the house?


  • Do you have any architectural style for the house in your mind?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • If the above asked question has been answered with a yes then please share the same.


  • Is there any unique feature that you would like to include in your house? If yes please share a few details about the same.


  • What kind of material would you like to use for the construction?


  • Which stone would you like us to use?

a)      Granite

b)      Decomposed Granite

c)      White Marble

d)     Colored Marble

e)      Others

  • If the above given choices do not match your requirement then please mention your stone choice below.


  • Would you like to order the material on your own or do you want us to select and purchase it for you?


  • By when do you want the entire project to be completed?