A labor market research questionnaire contains questions which target the currently existing labor market/ labor supply. The questions help pick on the composition of labor force employment, their educational qualifications, the kind of skilled/ unskilled labor available. It also gathers information about the capacity of labor and their expectations, thus helping the business firms to function smoothly.

Sample Labor Market Research Questionnaire




Contact Info:

Kindly answer the following questions:

1. What is your current employment status?

a. Employed,

b. Unemployed.

2. If employed, you are working on which of the following basis?

a. Full- time

b. Part- time

c. Hour per day(or week) basis

d. Other, please specify _______________

3. What level of educational have you acquired?

a. Secondary schooling

b. High School

c. Graduation

d. Post- graduation

e. Others/ higher, please specify _____________

4. What field would you term as your field of major?

a. Engineering

b. Lawyer

c. Marketing

d. Medical

e. Finance

f. Others, please specify ____________

5. Are there any other skills you posses besides educational qualifications? Mention.


6. Mention your prior work experience (if any) with proper details:


7. Kindly describe the kind of work/ job/ job profile you believe is most appropriate for you given your qualifications/ skills:


8. How many hours would you be willing to work per day?

a. 10 hours to 12 hours

b. 8 hours to 10 hours

c. 6 hours to 8 hours

d. Not more than 6 hours

e. Not more than 4 hours