Knowledge management plays a vital role in the growth and development of any organization. Knowledge management is the process of creating, sharing and storing of employee information within the business environment and making it available to others. Knowledge management boosts the efficiency, profitability and overall productivity of an organization. Following is the sample knowledge management questionnaire:

Sample Knowledge Management questionnaire:

Q.1) Name of the Employee _____________

Q.2) Designation: _______________

Q.3)  what are the daily routine operations performed by the company?

Q.4)  what are the different types of technologies used by the company?

Q.5)  Do you have any knowledge about the profitability status of the company?

Q.6) what type of knowledge do you have about the various processes of the company?

Q.7)  What extent of information do you have about the various clients associated with the company?

Q.8) what knowledge do you have about the top-management of the company?

Q.9) what extent of knowledge do you have about the various ventures undertaken by the company?

Q.10)  what type of knowledge do you have about the various management decisions?

(a) You update yourself with every decision.

(b) You are unaware because of the secrecy involved.

(c)  You think that “It’s not my part of the job”.

Q.11) how will you react if your manager consults with you on some important issues?

(a) I will give my opinion based on my knowledge and judgment

(b) I will stay away from the issue as I am not as senior to be involved in such an important decision

SIGNATURE OF THE EMPLOYEE: ______________________

DATE: ________________________