Kids health questionnaire is one of the best ways to evaluate the health of your kids. These questionnaires are generally prepared by the pediatric (medical experts for kid’s health) for the kids of 5-13 years of age.

The evaluation of this questionnaire not only helps you to improve the quality of your kid’s health but also curb any unexpected health problems. Therefore, questions set on this kind of questionnaires need to be answered by the parents properly regarding their kid’s health. This would certainly help the parents to analyze their kid’s health minutely and extensively.

Sample Kids Health Questionnaire


Name of your child: ________________________________ Age: ________

Gender: _______________

Answer the following questions:

1)   How will you rate the health of your child out of 10 with 10 being the best?


2)   Does your child often suffer from cold, stomach upset or any other kind of problems?


3)   Does your child suffer from any kind  of body pain or discomfort?


4)   Please list what nutritious food your child intake during meals.

________________                          _______________                  _______________

________________                         _______________                   _______________

________________                         ________________                  _______________

5)   Does your child mainly prefer veg or non-veg?


6)   How much does your child spend on external activities daily? Mention the hours.


7)   Does your child ever suffer from any serious illness till date?


8)   Do you think your child is quite emotional and worries about things going around?


9)   Does your child interact well with his or her peers?


10)               Mention few habits of your child which are quite annoying or  the ones you dislike.