Job search questionnaire is filled up by persons who are looking forward to an employment position with the industry or office. The employers gauge the potential and capabilities of the person through his or her answers in the questionnaire and do a rough profiling for every candidate. The answer usually has a great influence on the employers as to whether or not recruit that particular person.

Sample Job Search Questionnaire

Name: ________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

City: ________________________         State: ________________________

Zip: _________________________                Age: __________________________

Residence phone: _______________________ Cell phone: _______________________

Email address: ______________________________

Job experience in number of years:

Q1.Which company did you work for before this? _______________________________

Q2.Description of the company: _____________________________________________

Q3.In which position did you work? __________________________________________

Q4.Give details of your responsibilities there: ___________________________________



Q5.What was your payment there? ___________________________________________

Q6.Where did you find about this employment opening?

  1. Newspaper     b. Website  c. Career fair              d. Personal contact

Q7.Do you have an updated resume?

a. Yes            b. No

Q8.What pay rate do you think you deserve? _________________________________________

Q9.Do you often browse for similar type of job vacancies?

a. Very often          b. Not that often

Q10.How often do you browse for it?

  1. Weekly          b. Monthly        c. Daily

Q11.Do you have any computer skills?

a. I have strong computer skills         b. Not that proficient

Q12.Please give a list of the computer skills you possess? __________________________



Q13.How will the company benefit by recruiting you? ____________________________________________________________________

Q14. How do you wish to work?

a. Part time                b. Full time

Q15. Which qualities of yours make you an ideal candidate for the job profile?