A job satisfaction survey questionnaire is a documentation of the study of the contentment and approval of a certain job from clients and target audience. The recipients’ reaction to the execution of a job determines the true standard of the particular job and its corresponding aspects that concern customers and others related to the job. Hence, the questionnaire must be framed in a manner so as to showcase the important points and details concerning job satisfaction. A sample of such questionnaire is given below.

Sample Job Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire:


Job offered to: ___________________________________ [name of recipient]

Mailing address: _________________________________________________________

Contact details: ___________________________                                 _____________________

[telephone number]                                                                 [email id]

Job provided by: ______________________________ [company/department name/name of individual providing the job]

Company details: ____________________________________________________________

Postal address: _________________________________________________________________

[location]        ____________________________

[city]             ____________________________

[country]         ____________________________

[zip code]      ____________________________

Contact number: ____________________________

Email address: ________________________


Q1: What are the particulars for the job?



Q2: Mention the objective(s) of the job.

  • ___________________________________________
  • ___________________________________________


Q3: How was the job initially presented to you?



Q4: What did you find the most appealing in the job?



Q5: What expectations did you have of the job and how did it turn out to be?



Q6: Do you consider the job suitable as per your requirements?

  • Absolutely appropriate
  • Meets a few of the requirements
  • Not sure
  • No, does not suit my requirements at all


Q7: What are the job areas that need to be specifically concentrated on for further developments? Kindly specify the details.

  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________


Q8: What more would you want the job to comprise of? Specify your expectations and please provide with implementation details, if possible.

  • ____________________________________________________________
  • ____________________________________________________________
  • ____________________________________________________________


Q9: How much are you satisfied with the planning and execution of the job?

  • Highly satisfied
  • Good
  • Not satisfactory