A Job satisfaction questionnaire is the best way to measure how satisfied a person is with his or her job. Job satisfaction of an employee directly influences the progress status of a company. Therefore such kind of questionnaire helps both the employee and employer to realize the satisfaction level of the employee for a particular job.

Sample Job Satisfaction Questionnaire


Name _________________________

Address _______________________

Contact number _____________________

Q1. Do you get ample exposure to implement your skills?

  1. Yes, very much
  2. Sometimes it depends
  3. Not at all

Q3. How much you will rate your employer’s satisfaction on your work?

  1. Very much, I am always appreciated for my work
  2. Depends on the work I am performing
  3. Never received any appreciation

Q4. Do you think the salary you are getting is worth?

  1. Yes, it’s satisfactory.
  2. Not that much
  3. Below my satisfaction

Q5. Are you getting everything that you have expected from this job?

  1. Definitely, I love my job and I am content with it
  2. It depends, not that I am getting everything
  3. I am very upset; I am not at all getting anything that I deserve.

Q6. Do you think your job is reliable and secured?

  1. Yes, definitely it’s quite reliable and secured.
  2. May be I am not much sure of it
  3. No, not at all I am sacred of loosing it at any point.

Q7. How will you rate your job satisfaction out of 10?

  1. 0-5
  2. 5-8
  3. 8-10