A job rotation questionnaire is a document which is framed by organisations so as to know the different trends and procedures followed by companies to rotate their employees or trainees. Such questionnaires consist of various questions which can be either subjective or objective and are based on the topic of job rotation. These documents are distributed amongst employees to get their point of view.

Job Rotation Questionnaire Sample:

Name of employee: __________________

Age of employee: _________________

Gender: ______________________

Contact number: _______________________

Email address: ________________________

Current Job profile/position: ___________________

Company/organisation name: _____________________

Number of years of working: _____________________

Please answer the following questions on job rotation

Q1. How often were you rotated in your current company in the first 12 months?

a)      Once

b)      1-3 times

c)      3-5 times

d)     More than 5 times

Q2. Mention the names of all departments where you have worked as a result of rotation?


Q3. Mention the names of all job positions where you have worked as a result of rotation?


Q4. Do you think rotation helped you to learn about different departments and helped you gain confidence as an employee of this company?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q5. What are the various disadvantages of rotation?


Q6. Write down the positive points about rotation and how it helped you in your career?


Q7. What all rotation policies does your company consider during the rotation process of trainees?


Q8.Do you think rotation helped you to negate the boredom of a particular job position?

a)   Yes

b)   No