The job review questionnaire is filled by the immediate employer or boss of the individual whose performance is being reviewed by the way of the questionnaire. An analysis of the answers to the questions can help a great deal in performance or job appraisals. The questions are well framed and are made to cover all the relevant aspects of the job whenever such an assessment is being done. The questionnaire is in general form and can be used by anyone.

Sample Job Review Questionnaire



Email address:

Mobile No.:

Office No.:

Kindly answer the following questions:

1. Mention and briefly describe the profile of the employee whose performance is being reviewed.

2. How would you rate the employee in reference to how hard working he/ she is:

a. Very hard working

b. Averagely Hard working

c. Slightly hard working

d. Not at all hard working

3. How punctual is the employee according to you

a. He/She is very Punctual

b. More or less Punctual

c. Mediocre punctual

d. He/She is never Punctual

4. How effectively does the employee carry out the tasks or responsibilities assigned to him/ her?

a. Very effectively

b. Effectively

c. Not at all effectively

5. How well coordinated is the employee whenever performing as a team?

a. Very well coordinated

b. Coordinated

c. Never in coordination

6. Does the employee ever fail to meet the task deadlines established?

a. Never

b. Sometimes

c. Very rarely

d. Always.

7. Is there anything else that you would like to mention about the employee that would help to review his/her performance?