The job responsibility questionnaire is aimed at extracting the information as to what are the responsibilities that are attached with the respective job profile. They also help in getting to know the basic requirements for n individual to be appointed at this position. The questions can be answered either by the employers or the employees who are the individuals who have the required know how of the corporate world and the knowledge of about the respective profile.

Sample Job Responsibility Questionnaire




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Contact No.:

Name of the job profile which is being referred to: _______________

Kindly fill the blanks appropriately:

1. Mention your job profile or position you are currently employed at


2. At which level of the hierarchy are you in reference to the respective job profile

a. Superior

b. Inferior

c. Similar

d. If any other, please specify _________

3. How would you describe the respective profile


4. How many team members/ juniors/ subordinates must the individual at this position handle and coordinate with? Specify the work relation with them.


5. Mention the maximum number of projects that the individual (with a team) may be required to work on?


6. List the type of decisions (managerial and financial etc.) the individual will be required to make at this job position


7. How would you rate the position if asked to describe the degree of freedom that comes along with the position?


8. How important is this particular position in your view?