Job research questionnaires are filled up by professional with details of the duties and tasks they are entrusted. These filled up questionnaires are of real help to young professionals who wish to research about a particular company or industry and the various employment position they offer.

Sample Job Research Questionnaire

Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________              State: ______________________

Zip: ______________________             Age: _______________________

  1. Which company is your current employer? __________________________________
  2. What is the job title? _________________________________
  3. Duties and responsibilities of the job: ______________________________________


  1. For how long have you been working for this company? ______ years ______ months
  2. What are the minimum qualifications required to be in this employment position?


  1. What additional certification or degrees gives the edge so that a person can apply for this job? ____________________________________________________________________
  2. How long per day do you have to work?
  1. 6 – 8 hours             b. 9 – 12 hours           c. 12 – 15 hours
  1. Does your work involve a lot of travelling?

a. Yes, within the state b. Yes, within the country

c. No, it is mostly a desk job

  1. Do the employers encourage nurturing of newer ideas and concepts?
  1. Yes, surely             b. Sometimes             c. Not at all
  2. Yes               b. No
  1. Which objects or resources do you require most frequently during your job? _____________________________________________________________________
  2. Did you have to fulfil any physical requirements while taking up this job?
  1. If yes, then what were they? ______________________________________________
  2. What is your salary per year? _____________________________________________
  3. What do you find most interesting about the present job profile? _________________