Whenever a firm or a company seeks new recruits the prospective employees are required to fill in applications. They are also required to mention a few references which are basically the individual who have known the applicant and can grant an insight into the character and personality of the applicant. Thus a job reference questionnaire is meant to gather the information related to the references of an employee.

Sample Job Reference Questionnaire

Details of the referee:




Email address:

Contact details:

Mention your relation with the individual you are referring to:

a. Teacher

b. Mentor

c. Employer

d. Others please specify _______________

Kindly answer the following questions:

1. How long have you known the concerned individual?


2. How would you describe the period of knowing the individual and the interaction you had with him/ her?


3. What according to you are the concerned individual’s strengths which can prove to be an asset to the firm ?


4. Kindly mention the traits you believe serve as weakness of the individual you are referring:


5. How well do you believe the individual can cooperate and gel in a group (i.e. is he / she a team player)?

6. List any skills (if any) that you believe will serve as a boon to the firm if they decide to employ the individual:


7. Are there any additional comments or suggestions that you would like to give to the perspective employers. Kindly specify.

8. Please provide any other reference regarding the individual if you have?