Questionnaires are the easiest and most feasible methods to get a response of the desired kind. Job questionnaires are those types of questionnaires which help a person to remove a dilemma and choose a right job for himself. Such questionnaires consist of questions which are easy and quick to answer and also aimed at helping the respondent.

The questions that make up a job questionnaire must be based upon the person’s qualifications, his likes, personality traits and aptitude level. These questionnaires should be helpful for readers to known about their strengths and weaknesses and figure out the best possible job for them. The questions lead to singling out the perfect job choice.

These written documents are generally made by companies or organisations which deal with counselling of the job aspirants. The questions included in such questionnaires should be grammatically correct and should be based on the proved details. The first few questions should squeeze out the basic details of the respondent. From there the questions should move forward to extracting the academic skills and qualifications. Towards the end, direct questions relating to the person’s interest and goals should be put forward.

Job questionnaires are generally used outside offices and career oriented institutes because that is where one can get maximum number of applicants.