A job placement questionnaire is designed to understand the educational qualifications, skills and previous work experience, if any, of the candidate in question. It should be formulated in a way that a comprehensive outline of the potential of an applicant can be gauged. The questions must be precise and relevant.

Sample Job Placement Questionnaire:

Name: ________________________

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY): _______________

Email: _________________________________

Address: ____________________________________

City: ___________________________

PIN: ___________________________

Q1: Do you have any previous work experience? (If yes, then please elaborate in the space given).

a)   Yes, ___________________________________

b)   No

Q2: Which of the following would you consider to be indispensable to a work space?

a)   A spirit of teamwork

b)   Organization and efficiency

c)   Ambition and perfectionism

d)   A combination of all four

Q3: What unique skill, which you believe is vital, would you be bringing into your work space?


Q4: What are your primary reasons for applying for a job?

a)   Primarily economic reasons

b)   The job corresponds with your area of interest

c)   To gather experience

d)   A combination of all of the above

Q5: In your academic experience have you done any project or presentation that closely resembles the kind of work you hope to pursue through a job?

a)   Yes ______________________________________

b)   No

c)   Any other answer _______________________________________________________________________

Q6: Where do you see yourself with regards to your career in?

a)   The next five years

b)   The next ten years

Q7: Elucidate why the career path you have chosen is most suitable for you.


Q8: What are your preferences regarding your place of employment?

a)   Prefer to work within the country

b)   Prefer to go abroad