A Job performance evaluation questionnaire is one that is used by an organistaion to assess the overall performance and functionality of any employee in the organistaion. This questionnaire is very important in the process of performance appraisal and it is also vital in deciding the promotion eligibility for any employee. The questions asked in this evalution questionnaire also help the employer to know the opinions and outlook of the employee towards the organistaion. Given below is a sample Job performance evaluation questionnaire for your better understanding on the format of this questionnaire:

Sample Job Performance Evaluation Questionnaire

Name of the employee: _____________________________________

Age of the employee: ______________________________________

Marital status: ___________________________________________

Date of birth: _______________________________________

Number of children: _________________________________

Designation _______________________________________

Reporting to: _______________________________________

Q1) How long have you been working with our organisation and what was your entree designation?


Q2) What is your highest qualification and did you attain any certification during your job period with our organisation?


Q3) Did you receive any award or recognition during the tenure of your service period in our organisation?


Q4) What is your employee rating given by your immediate supervisor?

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Average

d) Bad

Q5) What is the percentage of your attendance in last one year?

a) 75-100%

b) 50-75%

c) Less than 50%

Q6) What is the strategy that you generally use to solve any crisis in the organisation?


Q7) Have you participated any event or function where you were asked to represent your organisation?


Q8) Did you win any award or recognition for your team?


Q9) How many people have been reporting to you and how do you ensure that they are performing their level best?


Q10) How often do you work without any supervision?

a) All the time

b) Most of the time

c) Very rarely