A job market questionnaire is primarily designed to assess the kind of jobs applicants are looking to join. It highlights the popularity of certain fields and tries to gauge the reasons for the same. The efficacy of such questionnaires lies in the fact that they help elucidate the requirements of job applicants and the demand for certain job attributes.

Sample Job Market Questionnaire

Name: ________________________

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY): _______________

Email: _________________________________

Address: ____________________________________

City: ___________________________

PIN: ___________________________

Q1: What is your primary area of interest that you seek to transform into a viable and prospective job?


Q2: What is the kind of starting salary you envision in any job that you seek to join?


Q3: Where do you see yourself professionally in?

a)   Five years

b)   Ten years

Q4: What kind of skills do you intend to incorporate in your job?

a)   Technical skills

b)   Skill in research

c)   Communication skills

d)   Any other skills (please specify)


Q5: Are you seeking a job that involves frequent travel?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q6: What perks, like insurance cover or car allowance, would you would expect of a job?


Q7: What kind of hours do you expect your job to adhere to?

a)   Fixed, regulated hours

b)   Flexible hours

c)   Willing to work paid overtime but not regularly

Q8: What is your take on the economic recession of the last couple of years? What is your assessment of the current situation?


Q9: Would you like a job that capitalizes on the skills you acquired in your formal education? Or would you prefer to diversify and look for other challenging options? Elaborate