A job interview questionnaire contains questions that help an employer to make his or her hiring decision. The questions are formulated according to the available job vacancies, the knowledge, abilities and skills required in such a position. Such questionnaires also contain open-ended questions, which prompt the applicant to think creatively. The questionnaires are used by recruiters as a pre-interview exercise to help in the short-listing process.  They help employers in identifying important information regarding job motivation, temperament and capabilities of potential employees. Usually, the information gathered in such questionnaires is counter-checked with the applicant’s resume for purposes of checking the validity of the same.

Below is a sample meant to gauge the applicant’s organizational and planning skills

Applicant’s name___________________

Position applied for___________________

List of qualifications________________________

Relevant skills______________________

Previous work experience_________________________

Q1.  What is the first thing you do when you get into the office?

Q2. Do you have a time schedule while at work? _______

Give reasons for your answer above

Q3.  Define how you schedule a typical working day

Q4. Do you make room for schedule disruptions?

How do you handle such disruptions?

Q5.  How do you prioritize your work?

Q6. How do you keep a reminder of the items that need your attention?

Q7. List some of the reasons why you would postpone doing something in the workplace



Q8. Suppose you were on vacation and found a lot of backlog on your desk, how would you handle it?

* Prioritize depending on what is urgent and important

* Put the blame on the person who was sitting on me and make him handle some of it

* Ask for assistance if need be

* All of the above

* Other (please specify) ________________________