A job finder questionnaire is a questionnaire which is useful for those people who are in search of a job but are confused about the kind of a work profile that would suit their qualifications or requirements. These questionnaires consist of multiple questions which can be either objective or subjective in nature. All the questions collectively help the respondent to identify the correct or apt job for them and that too in an easy and quick way. Such questionnaires are framed by job finder organizations or consulting centers.

Sample Job Finder Questionnaire

Name: Age: Sex: Qualification: Email address: Other contact details: Kindly answer the following questions and fill in the required details: 1. Please list your best past times or hobbies: ________________________ 2. In your free time which of the following would you prefer to do: a. watch news b. Read a novel c. Listen to some music d. Go out with friends e. Other specify ___________ 3. In a day how many hours are you comfortable working: a. 5 hrs and less b. 7 hrs and less c. 10 hrs and less d. 12 hrs and less e. Other please specify _______ 4. Do you like organizing or managing events or gatherings whenever given an opportunity: a. Yes b. No 5. If given an option would you prefer to work in a closed environment or go and work outdoors? 6. Whenever you are faced with a crisis what is your first reaction: a. Seek help from others b. Analyze the situation and see how you can help c. Other specify ______________