Job diagnostic survey questionnaire is a set of questions which help an employee in assessing his work situation and to know whether he will be able to perform to his capabilities. The questions help to establish whether the current job profile and the returns attached are satisfactory or not. An analysis of the answers helps in finding out the problem areas on part of the management or the employee. It also helps reach a solution to the problems (if any). The questions cover all the relevant aspects of such analysis.

Sample Job Diagnostic Survey Questionnaire




Educational qualifications:

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Kindly answer the following questions with utmost sincerity:

1. Does the job profile require you to make use of all your education?

a. Yes

b. No.

2. Would you say that the job position gives space for innovation in the tasks or projects assigned to you?

a. Yes, completely.

b. Yes, but within a limit.

c. Rarely.

d. Never

3. Do you feel you are able to reach your full potential or are able to perform to best of your abilities in the position?

a. Yes.

b. No.

4. Would you say that the position you are in come with a lot of responsibilities which are burdensome?

a. Yes

b. No.

5. Would you say that the job gives you enough space and opportunities to grow as an individual and an employee?

a. Yes

b. No.

6. Are the returns (monetary, social and intellectual) from the job satisfactory according to you?

a. Yes,

b. No.



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