The job design questionnaire consists of a set of questions which are meant to gather the information about a certain job profile. The questions are framed so as to establish the tasks attached to the respective position and the responsibilities that come with it. The design questions should be answered by the employers or the employee as they are the only individuals with required knowledge. Once the analysis helps realize the design of the respective position the firm can use it to seek recruits accordingly, or to find the requirements etc.

Sample Job Design Questionnaire





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Mention the job profile/ position which is being referred to in the answers


Kindly answer the following questions:

1. What are the basic educational requirements for an individual to start at this profile?


2. Mention if any special or non- educational skills are required


3. Mention the working conditions that are provided by nature of the job (like indoor/ outdoor, desk job or field job etc.)


4. Is the individual required to monitor the work of juniors or subordinates


5. To whom does the individual report in reference to the tasks assigned to him/ her?


6. How stringent are the working hours and the deadlines to the completion of the tasks?


7. What sort of projects is the individual in the position required to handle?

___________________________ (give a brief description)

8. Does the job position require the individual to travel a lot?