The job content questionnaire is a questionnaire which is framed by certain organizations to know about the content of the job of the various respondents or employees of a particular company. These questionnaires are framed in such a way that the respondent can describe the various details and content specifications of his work or job position. The nature of the questions can be either subjective or objective depending upon the kind of response expected. Such questionnaires are helpful to know whether or not the content of the various jobs is as per required codes and regulations.

Sample Job Content Questionnaire




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Kindly fill in with the appropriate answers to each question:

1. Mention the job profile and describe the responsibilities/ tasks/ duties that are attached to the position, in brief.

2. What are the minimum educational qualifications that are essential for the respective position?

3. Are there any special skills required for performing at the position? Mention if yes.

4. Are you required to use some special equipment? Specify if yes.

5. Kindly describe the general conditions in which an individual employed at this position is required to work.

6. Do you work as a member of a team or do you monitor the work of a few employees who are at a lower position than yours? Specify.

7. Who do you report to in regard to your work responsibilities?

8. Are the job returns satisfactory in contrast to the responsibilities an individual at this level is required to carry out.