A job career questionnaire helps one discover career job opportunities by testing one’s own job aptitude and skills. By answering questions related to ones’ abilities, hobbies, interests, attitudes and so on, one can identify a career which matches those results. A job career questionnaire can be used by both beginners and experienced workers.

Sample Job Career Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Address: ___________

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Email ID: ___________

Age: __________

Gender: ___________

1)   If you are asked to work for a development team for a new product, which areas would you like to most and least work in?

Most likely  Least likely

a)   Designing the product

b)   Testing the effectiveness of the product

c)   Handling the sales and marketing

d)   Making advertisements for the product

2)   During the demonstration of the prototype of the product, if there is an accident, like it blows up, what are you more likely to do?

a)   Get people out of the workshop safely and in a calm manner

b)   Meet the department head or client and explain to him what went wrong

c)   Write a record of what happened and present it

d)   Make a list of everything that was damaged and order replacements

3)   If there is new presentation on schedule, what job responsibility would you choose?

a)   Preparing the room for the presentation and checking the technical parts

b)   Welcome the client and the heads and ensure they are comfortable

c)   Give the presentation

4)   Are you happy with your present job? Give reasons.

5)   Who do you look up to in your professional field and why?