The job candidate questionnaire is a questionnaire which has all those questions that are aimed at assessing the personality traits of a job candidate. The questions asked in such questionnaires are framed in such a way that an analysis of the traits of the candidate can be made and thus a job can be allotted to him as per their qualifications and interests. The questions can be either objective or subjective in nature and must be well framed.

Sample Job Candidate Questionnaire





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Kindly answer the following questions:

1. Mention one of the most memorable days or instance of your life. Elaborate. Also tell why it was that memorable and special for you.

2. What did you learn out of the day or experience?

3. Would you describe yourself as a team player?

4. What according to you are your strengths as a team player?

5. In your view what are your strengths as a team leader?

6. Are there any skills or talents you would like to mention?

7. What are the skills or traits you would like to develop or enhance by the way of this work experience?

8. Are you comfortable working in almost all surroundings?

9. What is the most important factor or characteristic that attracts you to this particular job profile or position?

10. Describe your main attractions towards our firm in particular?

11. Are there any regions or areas (geographical) where you would prefer to work? Mention.

12. Do you wish to say anything else about yourself?