The job assessment questionnaire contains questions that help an individual to assess the job position he or she is employed at. The questions help to assess whether or not the current position is satisfactory, whether or not there are opportunities for the individual to grow. The assessment helps one decide whether to stick to the job or search for another, or figure how to perform better and grow in the current position. The answers can also help the firm figure the needs of the employees and thus fair better on these expectations.

Sample Job Assessment Questionnaire





Contact No.:

Kindly fill in the answers to the following question sincerely:

1. Mention the job profile you are currently employed at _________________

2. Give a brief description of your profile in your view:


3. The profile makes use of all my skills and educational as well as general knowledge

a. Always

b. Never

c. Sometimes

4. The profile gives me ample space to innovate and bring in new ideas to the projects or tasks that are assigned to me:

a. Never

b. Rarely

c. sometimes

d. always

5. The position gives plenty options and opportunities to grow as an individual and an employee

a. Yes

b. No.

c. At times

6. The job lets me be up to date with all the happenings and the progress of my field

a. Yes,

b. No

7. The working conditions and environment are extremely convenient and suitable:

a. Yes absolutely

b. No, not at all


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