Job application questionnaire is a kind of questionnaire that is to be answered by the applicant of a particular job. This kind of questionnaire help in understanding the interest and requirement of an applicant applying for a job position in a company.

Sample Job Application questionnaire


Thanks for the job application. We will intimate your interview dates shortly.

Job title ___________________

Job code __________________

Q1. From where did you come to know about this job?

  1. Newspapers and job magazines
  2. Television ad.
  3. Friends and family
  4. Job portal/ company’s website

Others ___________________

Q2.  If you are not called for the interview, will you apply for another job position of this company?

  1. Yes, Definitely
  2. May be I am not sure
  3. No, never again

Q3. How you have made your application?

  1. Online
  2. Telephone
  3. In person
  4. Mail

Q4. Have you seen the company profile in details before making this application?

  1. Yes, I am quite thorough with it.
  2. No didn’t find much time for it.

Q5. How will you rate your career graph out of 10?

  1. 0-5
  2. 5-8
  3. 8-10

Q6. Did you make any job application before for any of the post in this company?

If ‘YES’ mention the job code.

  1. Yes ________________________
  2. Yes but there was no response from company’s end.
  3. Never, this is the first time.

Q7. How fast you are expecting a response from us?

  1. Within 10days
  2. Within 1month
  3. Within next 6 months
  4. Depends on the company’s wish