The process of job analysis comprises an exhaustive investigation for controlling the output of the company or the department i.e. getting the job executed successfully. The process helps to find out what the department requires and what’s expected from the employees. As such, job analysis questionnaire questions helps to determine the particulars of a job like the job location, title, summary, working conditions, duties involved, possible hazards etc. An unbiased and thorough job analysis helps the in establishing the right fit between the employee and the job.

Sample Job Analysis Questionnaire Questions Sample

  • Which of the following job descriptions best explains your work in the department or company?
  1. Finance and/or accounting
  2. Customer service
  3. Human resource
  4. Corporate marketing
  5. MIS
  6. Others (please mention) ______________________
  • What’s your overall level of satisfaction while working for the company?

a. Very much satisfied

b. Satisfied

c. Dissatisfied

d. Very much dissatisfied

e. Can’t say/not sure

  • Do you participate in the company’s flextime programs?

a. Yes

  1. No
  2. Sometimes
  • Have you ever experienced or observed any of the below mentioned types and forms of harassment or discrimination in the company or your department?
  1. Sexual harassment
  2. Racial discrimination
  3. Gender discrimination
  4. Age discrimination
  5. Sexual orientation discrimination
  6. Some of the above
  7. Never experienced any harassment and/or discrimination.
  • I have enough opportunities of interacting with employees from other departments at a formal/informal level.
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Sometimes
  • The company has a clear path regarding career achievement and goals of its employees.
  1. Strongly agree
  2. Somewhat agree
  3. Neutral
  4. Strongly disagree
  5. Somewhat disagree
  • Employees of the company are offered remuneration in line with the best in the industry.
  1. Strongly agree
  2. Somewhat agree
  3. Neutral
  4. Strongly disagree
  5. Somewhat disagree