A jewellery market research questionnaire contains questions which are helpful for an organization to conduct a market research on jewellery. Such questionnaires consist of multiple choice questions and also subjective questions which are asked from different groups of people to estimate their opinions and views.

Sample Jewelry Market Research Questionnaire

Name: _____________________

Age: _____________________

Sex: _______________________

Marital Status: _______________

Contact Info: _________________

Kindly answer the following questions:

1. How frequently do you purchase jewelry (on an average)?

a. Once a month

b. Once every six months

c. Once a year

d. Only on special occasions

e. Other pleases specify, ________________

2. When (i.e. on what occasions) do you wear jewelry?

a. Daily

b. Others specify ___________

3. You mostly purchase jewelry as/ for?

a. As a gift

b. For personal use

c. Other specify, _____________

4. What jewelry items/ pieces do you generally purchase? Kindly name all items and give specifications if any.


5. Do you prefer any specific designer/ a jeweler? Kindly mention the name as well.


6. What is your preference of stones in jewelry you purchase?


7. What material/ metal do you prefer most?

a. Gold

b. Platinum

c. Silver

d. Others, please specify ___________

8. How much do you generally spend on each purchase made?


9. When was the last purchase you made?


10. What was amount spent on the last purchase?


11. Which of the following income group would you consider yourself a part of?

a. Low- income

b. Middle- income

c. High- income