IT planning questionnaires deal with the IT hardware and software planning for offices or home computer networks. These questionnaires comprise of questions which focus on collecting the details about the hardware and software requirements of an individual.

Sample IT Planning Questionnaire:

Name of the participant   _____________________

Address of the participant ____________________

Company’s Name and Address ________________

Phone number ___________________

Email- id ___________________________

Q1. How many computer systems are you planning to install in your office?

  • 1 – 5
  • 5 – 10
  • 10 – 20
  • 20 – 40
  • More than 40

Q2. Which operating systems do you want to install on these computers?

  • Microsoft client operating system
  • Microsoft server operating system
  • Linux operating system
  • Sun Solaris operating system
  • Other

Q3. What type of networking arrangement do you need for the computer systems of your office?


  • LAN
  • WAN
  • SAN
  • Other

Q4. Which other security and networking devices do you want to install in your office network? Choose all that apply.

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Firewall
  • Hubs
  • Web server
  • File Server
  • Other

Q5. What kind on internet connection do you want to be installed in your office network?

  • ISP supported broadband connection
  • Dial-up connection
  • Leased Line connection
  • Other

Q6. What kind of cabling scheme do you want to be used in your office network?

  • UTP cables
  • STP cables
  • Fiber multi-mode cables
  • Fiber Mono-mode cables
  • Wireless connections
  • Other
  1. What configuration do you want for the computer systems to be installed in your office network? Kindly clarify the details and sizes.

RAM ____________

Hard disk drive ________

Processor and mother board _____________

Monitors’ specifications _____________