Any business questionnaire that you write and distribute will only be effective if it is of quality. Before you distribute it, ask yourself; is it a good business questionnaire? If it is a good business questionnaire then it will be specific and it will be answered easily. Before anyone answers it they first skim through it and ask themselves is it a good questionnaire? Ensure that there are no mistakes before distributing it. Below is an example of a good business questionnaire so that when you ask yourself is it a good business questionnaire? You have something to base it on.

Sample Is It a Good Business Questionnaire

Kindly fill the questions below to the best of your ability

Which of the following categories in business interests you?

Accounts: _________

Finance: _________

Entrepreneurship: _________

Public relations: _________

Planning: __________

Advertising __________

Other (specify) __________

Have you ever taken any courses relating to business?


Do you think that international business affects local business?


Do you think local business has any impact on international business?


Please state the number of times you come across the term business in a month.

1-5 times: _____

6- 10 times: _____

11- 15 times: ______

16+ times: ______

Describe how business has an impact in your everyday life?


Have you ever run your own business or do you currently run one?


Do you think that business is only practical for rich individuals only?


Does business have an impact on the environment?


How relevant is technology to business?