An investment suitability questionnaire is a process of assessing what kinds of investment will suit an investor the most and also the amount of money he would be able to invest. If an investor puts his money in an investment which does not suit his need the money invested may be wasted and there are chances that he may end up facing losses. Thus this kind of questionnaire prevents the investor from facing losses and ensures that he gets returns on his investment.

Sample Investment Suitability Questionnaire

Name: First name: _______ Middle name: __________ Surname: _________

Address: Street address __________ City name ________ State name _________

Postal code _________

Residential Contact number: _____________ Mobile number: ________

Email id: _________________

Annual income: _______________

1. What kind of investment do you feel will suit you the most?


2. What is the most important reason for you to make investments?

a) Security after getting retired

b) Money required for emergency purpose

c) For the purpose of education

d) To meet daily expenses

3. Describe your experience in the field of investing?

a) Invested in shares, but still apprehensive about the risk factor

b) Never invested in shares as uncomfortable with the risk

c) Invested in shares and would not mind taking the risk

4. Do you want your assets to grow as much as possible in next few years?

a) Yes

b) No

5. In how many years do you think you would need to make withdrawals from your investments?

a) In one year

b) In three years

c) In five years

d) More than five years