The first thing that an investor needs to understand is his or her risk taking abilities. The style of investment varies from person to person and once this is understood, you can choose your investment policies accordingly. This is where an investment style questionnaire becomes so important. Through relevant and intelligent questions, you can understand the nature of investor you are likely to turn out and therefore, you can anticipate your flaws and insecurities.

Sample Investment Style Questionnaire

Please answer all the questions provided below as they will help us determine your investment style.

Question 1: What is the thing that you expect to see in your brokerage account?

  • Greater rise in the market shares but your own shares have not made much profit.
  • A portfolio in your account is currently at the low end but you know it has the potential to triple or even quadruple over time.
  • A particular stock has gained a huge rise but you cannot understand why and are inclined to not trust this rise.

Question 2: How would you define your investment style?

  • Cautious
  • Risk taking
  • Not sure

Question 3: How much information do you need in order to sell, move or buy stocks?

  • Detailed updates from the company followed by reports on the news, financial newspapers and financial analyzers.
  • You prefer checking in on the company through sources or personally.
  • You are content to do your own analysis and do not always follow what the trade reports suggest.

Question 4: What do you expect from your investments?

  • More or less stable with some growth.
  • Ideal positioning to capitalize on rapid growth of allied companies and industries.
  • An investment that can grant you very high returns but can also be volatile at times and lead to huge losses.