An investment questionnaire template is the document which lays down the format in which an investment questionnaire is drafted. These templates are designed in a manner so that it helps to get an idea about the type of questions asked to understand the investment goals of an individual and assess his knowledge about risks and returns. It is very important to ask the right type of questions in this questionnaire or else the wrong idea about the individual’s financial goals may be created and he won’t be able to understand the right mode and process of investment.

Sample Investment Questionnaire Template

Name: _____________ [name of the person who is participating]

Date: ______________ [date of filling the questionnaire]

Date of birth: _____________ [date on which the individual was born]

Street Address: ________________________ [residential address of the person]

Working Phone Number: ______________ Residential phone number: _____________

Email Address: _____________________

1. In how many years are you looking forward to achieve your financial goals?


[total number of years in which the individual plans to achieve his financial goals]

2. What is the total amount of investment that you have?

_________________ [total investment amount in dollars]

3. How often do you make investments?

a) Once a month

b) Once in six months

c) Once in a year

4. What are the various kinds of investments that you have?

_______________________ [details of the investments made by the individual]

5. Do you reinvest the return that you receive from your investment?

a) Yes

b) Sometimes

c) No

6. Would you like to mention more about your investment plans?

___________________ [his long term plans of investment and his financial goals]