An investment questionnaire format is the document which lays down the detailed description as to how an investment questionnaire is drafted.  The format gives an idea that what kind of questions need to be asked and what are details that the investor has to provide. It is very important to have the correct format or else there are chances that the appropriate information won’t be derived from the investor. These types of formats can be designed for various different kinds of investment questionnaires and can then be used as per needs and requirements.

Sample Investment Questionnaire Format

The first section of this questionnaire should ask the personal details of the person who is filling the questionnaire. This section includes information like name, address, phone number and other related details of the individual.

  1. The first question should about the motive of the investor and the reason why he wants to invest.
  2. The next question should about what kind of investment the investor usually prefers. He may be interested in investing in share and stock and may not be interested in mutual funds or he may be interested in real estate and not in bonds and securities. This gives an idea that whether he wants fast returns from his investment.
  3. The next question should be about the reason for the investor making investment. It is very important to know the purpose for making investment.
  4. It is also very important to know that to what extent is the investor is ready to take risk.
  5. The final question should be about the time period in which he wants to withdraw his investment.