An investment preference questionnaire aims to know the investors preference regarding investments. It also provides an overview of investors understanding and knowledge towards investment activities. Based on this questionnaire the investment company offers investment products and services to the customers. Below is the sample of Investment preferences questionnaires, which will help your in preparing the same type of questionnaire.

Sample Investment Preferences Questionnaire

Name: First name: _______ Middle name: __________ Surname: _________

Address: Street address __________

City name __________

State name _________

Postal code _________

Residential Contact number: _____________ Mobile number: ________

Email ID: _________________

Annual income: ____________

Birth date_________________


Q1) Do you agree that you have strong knowledge in the investing field?

a. Strongly agree

b. Agree

c. May be

d. Disagree

e. Strongly disagree

Q2) Are you a regular investor or planning to invest for the first time?

a. Yes invest regularly

b. No investing for the first time

Q3) If you have answered yes to the above question then please choose from below options, what type of investments you have made before?

a. Bonds and securities

b. Endowment plans

c. Real estate

d. Others Pl specify details _______________

Q4) What do you understand by real estate investments?


Q5) Have you heard about investment in Mutual funds?

a. Yes

b. No

Q6) Have you made investment in the primary market before?

a. Yes

b. No

Q7) In case you have made investments in the primary share market earlier what is the time frame of investment you have followed?

a. Daily

b. Once a week

c. Once a Month

d. One a year

Q8) Are you aware of the different types of investments available for the investors?

a. Yes

b. No

Q9) Which types of investment are you most satisfied investing in?


Q10) How do you keep yourself updated with investment knowledge and market trends?