An investment policy statement questionnaire chiefly seeks to identify the investment temperament of a client. By doing so, the investment agents can figure out which kind of investment policy will suit the client best and not become a financial burden on him. Thus, this is a very important document which needs to be handled with care and experience. The questions to be asked in the questionnaire must be simple and straightforward and relevant to the topic. They should not be coercive in any way.

Sample Investment Policy Statement Questionnaire

  • As an investor, how would you describe your temperament?

(a)    I am more interested in a conservative growth of my assets. I prefer saving capital than expecting growth as such. Stability and minimum risk are sought by me more than growth or fluctuations.

(b)   I understand that in order to achieve greater gains, it is mandatory than more risks are taken by me. Therefore, I am an aggressive investor.

(c)    I am not too sure about my investment temperament.


  • If there are short term fluctuations in your investment portfolio, what would your reaction be?

(a)    I would be extremely unhappy about any fluctuations in my portfolio

(b)   I would have some concern about minor fluctuations in my portfolio

(c)    I would have very little concern about short term losses in my investment portfolio


  • How long, as an investor, will you be prepared to cover the short term losses in your investment portfolio?

(a)    As long as necessary, that is, the full term of the investment

(b)   Not very long

(c)    Not long at all


  • In terms of gains expected from investment, how do you view your prospects in the following options?

(a)    One to five years: ______________________________________

(b)   Five to ten years: _______________________________________

(c)    Ten to fifteen years: _____________________________________